Iphone app seems to be detecting audio from phone mic

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Iphone app seems to be detecting audio from phone mic

Postby ad0ta » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:14 am


I was helping a friend test his receiver last night and we were seeing all sorts weird behavior with the Iphone app. When we plugged his phone into my receiver which seems to be working the wave form looks remarkably different and no signal is detected. As we were discussing this when we noticed that the signal would jump around with our voices. We also observed no difference in the wave form with the receiver plugged in vs not plugged in.

The device is detected on the TRRS port and is wired per the instructions as I thought I had read that apple supports the standard shown in the build instructions. Is there an IOS option that needs to be enabled so audio in comes over the TRRS jack and not over the built in microphone?

Another side not is that the sample rate seems crazy fast on the Iphone app vs the Android app. It also appears that the test button on the main screen does nothing (grayed out) and you have to go into the history(?) menu to test the recording. (I'm fuzzy on this part because it got late and I don't have an Iphone).

Any help would be appreciated but it looks like at this point we will not be able to get this radio into the path of totality. We are still hoping to get the receiver working at least.


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