Need some help

Need help with your receiver? Have a completed receiver to share? Post it here.
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Need some help

Postby Karenholt0206 » Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:39 am

We have built the receiver and antennae, installed the iPhone app and calculated the correct positioning for the antennae but can not detect a signal. When we run the test we get a message that says "test failed." The second page says "pass Ratio: 2.0 Recording's Ratio: 1.07686"

We are not super savvy with testing equipment. I have triple checked our connections and run the test during the day and night. Would love to get this running but am heading out to camp for the next few days so my window is closing. Is there a simple way to test if the problem is with the receiver, power or signal????

Thank for any ideas.

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