Phone microphone turned on during receive

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Phone microphone turned on during receive

Postby km4bun » Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:57 am

Hello folks - Audrey KM4BUN and Tom W4SDR here.
We see intermittent receive. the noise floor on the spectrum analyzer part of the app is very high, and highly variable.
We can snap our fingers (to make a noise) and see a response on the spectrum analyzer.
It appears that the phone mic is turned on. Sometimes it's not.
But when it is, the ambient room noise swamps the receiver.
I haven't been able to correlate this with power-up sequence, or TRRS plug-in sequence, but maybe you have.

My screen capture annotation says that it's due to a flakey TRRS cable, but now I'm not certain of that.
Please take a look at the details of the screen capture here
It's the last picture in the album.


Audrey KM4BUN and Tom W4SDR

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