Poor instructions

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Poor instructions

Postby jfricker » Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:20 pm

Well, we tried, but ultimately couldn't detect the signal. The TRRS connector we received in our kit had a 2.5 mm female jack, so I bought an adapter to accept 3.5 mm, but the 2.5 mm was 3 conductor, not 4, so I re-wired it so I think it was correct. Prior to that, we rigged the 9 volt leads assuming the red on our red/white leads was the same red as the red/black leads in the instructions, and it was not, so we may have fried something. The batteries got very hot. It's disappointing because my son was mildly interested and it would've been fun to be a part of the experiment, but the trouble shooting and fixing took too long and he lost interest, and it never actually worked.

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