Fried capacitor

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Fried capacitor

Postby lfox368806 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:11 pm

I accidentally fried the 2.2 micro F tantulum capacitor. Is there a substitution I can make?

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Re: Fried capacitor

Postby dlleigh » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:03 am

Those capacitors are not critical. Your circuit may work OK without the 2.2uF capacitor that got fried.

If you want to replace it, a ceramic capacitor in the 0.1 to 1 uF range (or higher) would be perfectly adequate. Tantalum or electrolytic capacitors in the same range would also work, but you'll want to double check their orientation this time -- your capacitor probably fried because it got stuck in the circuit backwards.

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