Getting into this Tech Discussion page

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Getting into this Tech Discussion page

Postby sue » Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:09 pm

Getting into this Tech Discussion page

No signal problem plus could not get into this tech discussion board.

I just re-registered with a different email right now.

The only thing different was I registered on this page rather than the main page.
It worked fine and right away.

When I registered there on the main page, I could log into the site but on this page it asked me to log in again,
and when I did, it said invalid user name.

It was very frustrating and I am posting this in case other people are trying to get on.

I was and am surprised how few people were on, especially right before the eclipse.

Overall it is a great site and project.

Now going to just record as is while I go out and watch for a bit With Glasses:)
Then may try to go somewhere higher.

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