Step 1: Obtain longitude and latitude of the antenna location.

Use the GPS on your smart phone to determine the latitude and longitude of the antenna location.




Step 2: Calculate desired antenna bearing.


The plane of the antenna coils should be aligned with the great circle route to WWVB in Colorado. To determine the required bearing (angle) for the antenna, you can use an online calculator such as the one found at


Enter the latitude and longitude you found in Step 1 as point 1 on the website.  To type the degree symbol on a Mac, use option-shift-8. On an iPhone, hold down the 0 key, and the degree symbol will appear above your finger.  Just slide the finger over the degree symbol.  On an Android phone, switch to the numeric keyboard and press the ALT key.  The degree symbol is now on the keyboard.


The latitude and longitude of WWVB are 40.6751 and -105.05028. Enter these values as point 2 on the website. The site will now calculate the bearing to align the antenna. Use the initial bearing from the website to align your antenna.

An example of this calculation for a location in Falls Church, VA is shown in the screen shot below.




The photo below shows the antenna in Falls Church, VA correctly aligned, as confirmed by the smart phone compass.




Note that your antenna should be oriented vertically. This means the box should be on its side rather than resting on its bottom. 


Download Antenna Alignment Instructions here.