The EclipseMob app records data over the audio input of your smartphone.  Here's how we will use it.



The app is intended to work with the EclipseMob receiver, which means that it will record incoming low-frequency radio signals, not audible sounds.  If you use the app when connected to a microphone instead, the app will record sounds.  (Please don't do that, because it will contaminate the EclipseMob data set and make extra work for some unfortunate student.)


You have control over whether or not to upload your recordings to EclipseMob. If you do not want to share a recording you have made, you are not required to upload it. Recordings that have been uploaded will be associated with a date, time, and location, but not with any personally identifiable information.  These recordings and their associated date and time stamps will be made publicly available for use in ionospheric research.