The EclipseMob app performs a simple test to determine whether WWVB's signal is present in your recording. Here's how to use it.


  1. Choose a time when you are likely to be able to receive WWVB. In general, you will get better reception at night. For your specific location, check out these coverage maps from NIST.
  2. Set up your kit and align your antenna.
  3. Turn on your receiver circuit.
  4. Plug the TRRS cable into your circuit and your smartphone.
  5. Open the EclipseMob app.
  6. Press the big red "Record" button.  
  7. Record for at least 3 minutes. (Recordings for the test can be short, since we're just trying to see whether the signal is present, not observe how it changes.)
  8. Stop the recording.
  9. Press the "Test" button. 
  10. If you receive a "Pass" message, then WWVB was detected in your recording.  If not, double-check your circuit, antenna, alignment, and batteries and give it another shot.
  11. There's no need to upload your test data. Click on the "History" tab in the app, find the file you just recorded, and delete it.