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We would like to showcase participants and their build stories on our Facebook and/or webpage. If you would like to be featured, please send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  and we'll follow up to briefly interview you about your EclipseMob experience and collect any photos you want to share of you and your build/data collection/eclipse experience.

EclipseMob has collected nearly 500 recordings from locations across the United States. We will post results here as we analyze the data that has been collected. We would like to thank you using the words of the scientists who led the historic first attempt at a crowdsourced eclipse measurement, 92 years ago:


"We are deeply grateful to all of [our] collaborators. They have sent us data of great value. We hope that the knowledge of a good job well done will prove to them a satisfactory reward for their effort and time."

-Scientific American Eclipse Party, "The Effects of the Eclipse on Radio," Scientific American, April 1925

1. Listen to Jill Nelson talk about what to expect on the day of the Solar Eclipse on With Good Reason Radio.

2. Listen to K.C. Kerby Patel talk about EclipseMob and why it is special on the WNYC.

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We have cancelled our 07/22 webinar. Please click here to register and listen to our past webinars that were held in April and June. Please be on the look out for our Q&A event in early August and our upcoming collection event on GMU campus, happening on August 21st!